Our Boy


He’s growing into a tall young man, leaving his small boy years in the dust. He’s almost 8 you know – will be in a few days.

Unlike his blonde and blue eyed sisters, Teddy is the most like me in physical appearance. He has some of my mental predelictions too – he is intensely¬†focused on things that interest him, he’s a voracious and high functioning reader and he loves science. Unlike prickly, introverted Grandpa he is more like his mother – sunny disposition and optimistic, very much the extrovert. He wears his heart on his sleeve for sure, but he carries around a jokebook.

If you haven’t guessed by now, his favorite color is orange.

He cares deeply about his sisters, protects them and wants them to be happy. He takes it personally sometimes when they are not.

He loves his Nonna very much, and he is her special boy and always will be.

He is anxious to learn new things but at times he finds it hard to keep in “the zone.” His mom is working hard with the teachers to give him some strategies to stay focused for longer periods of time.

He really enjoys his karate classes but I suspect his intense 6 year old sister will eventually overcome his size and strength advantage Рand then watch out!

Teddy is a kind and loving young boy and I wish him much love and happiness as he continues to grow into a man we’ll all be proud to know. Happy birthday Teddy!

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