We celebrated our 34th wedding anniversary in Tallinn on our first cruise. On Saturday, we will be celebrating our 51st anniversary here in Almonte.

In the past 17 years we did lots of cruising – Caribbean, West and East Coast, Europe, TransAtlantic, TransPacific – and filled out lots of bucket lists. Now we are content to let things be.

For the most part we are blessed with decent health and sensible minds. We are growing old together, although I continue to lead in that regard. Our families endure; our grandchildren grow up and make us proud.

Dear Maria, I am so grateful for your “yes” to share my life so many years ago. I know we love each other as much as we did back then, even if our understanding of love certainly has grown and matured.

Sarah is away as part of her M.A. studies but Dave and the grandkids will be out tomorrow to help us celebrate. Maybe it’s not in Tallinn, but we are looking forward to a nice day tomorrow.

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