On Wednesday, Veronica celebrates her 12th birthday. She’s all set to embark on her junior high school years, starting in Grade 7 next month.

This very sweet girl is a lot like her Nonna. She likes to solve problems, take on responsibility and have lots of laughs with Grandpa. She is a demon at “Chase the Ace” and “Uno” and you just know who her favorite target is.

Veronica has passed her babysitting course now, so she’s looking forward to looking after the younger kids in the neighborhood. I’m sure she’ll be a good and conscientious child care worker.

She loves photography – with a smartphone or a real camera. She has a real skill for composition and choice of subject. I hope she will continue this life long passion as a hobby, and that there will be photography clubs she can join in high school to learn more about it.

Veronica is still the family’s cat whisperer. Our ginger tabby Mr. Oates adores her when she comes out to visit, and now she has two more tabbies at home to coddle.

Both her and her sister have their own rooms now, and she is decorating her new digs to her taste.

I loved it when her mother grew into a young woman, and I am looking forward to see Veronica and her sister do the same over the next few years. Happy birthday, my dear.

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