Thirteen Years On

The way we were. 13 years ago today we moved into our new home in Almonte. The day before we closed the door on our 26 years in Georgetown – in the rain, with a few tears. After an overnight stay in Peterborough, we arrived.

Here’s how things look now.

We have been here the second longest length of time we’ve lived anywhere – long enough to get another gas grill and a new roof. We’ve known family sadness and joy. Our grandkids were born and are growing up not too far away. We’ve grown old.

But all in all, we’ve loved it here. The town is beautiful and historic. The air is clear, the skies are dark and filled with stars at night. We are close enough to an airport (or two) if we want to fly away and not too far from the US border if we choose to visit there. Maria is close to her mother’s place in Kingston. I am close to my Eastern Ontario roots.

There’s not much in the way of suburbia here – if you get out of town, you have the leafy countryside to deal with in every direction. It still delights me to have to do this. There are times when I still cannot believe how lucky we are to have our sunset years in a place with real honest to God sunsets.

Thirteen years on – and still going. Sometimes you just have to be grateful for blessings received.


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