O Be Joyful

As the Winter Solstice approaches again, with its short gloomy days and frozen nights, I am reminded that Dec. 21 also will mark the 16th anniversary of my retirement.

This year has seemed almost a continuous winter – we haven’t gone anywhere, mostly stayed at home. The pandemic has been an ongoing concern. Recently I got the news that some loved and respected friends have passed away. Do we have any reasons to be joyful this year? Well…

  • There’s where we live. Almonte remains a Christmas card town, and aside from a horrible Long Term Care incident, the COVID rates have been low.
  • We’ve been able to maintain a bubble with Sarah and Dave’s family so we got to see the grandkids.
  • Maria’s mother remains healthy and independent – into her 90s.
  • Our pensions continue to keep the wolf away from the door, so we are OK financially.
  • Our health has generally been good – aside from the age-related aches and pains.
  • Maria was fortunate enough to get her eyes fixed before all the pandemic stuff hit.
  • The vaccines are here and some longer-term hope is on the horizon.

BTW if you were wondering about the photo it’s from our last Transatlantic in 2016 when we arrived back in Ft. Lauderdale. Nothing like that appears likely any time soon but we are grateful for the memories. O Be Joyful.

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