So Long Ago

16 years today we closed the door at 56 Pennington, Georgetown in a rainstorm. We ate fish and chips in Port Perry, slept at the Nite Owl motel in Peterborough (don’t ask.)

The next day we opened the door at 104 Vaughan Almonte to welcome the movers. And so it has gone for the rest of our lives till now. Yes, we do have a lawn and some trees in 2021.

It was so long ago, and yet it seems like yesterday. A SARS pandemic had happened a couple of years before we moved, but it was nothing compared to what we experience now. We have lost family members, become grandparents, gone cruising to many places, said farewell to a beloved pet (and adopted another one.) And we have grown old together.

Our shiny new bungalow now has a comfy lived-in look. Our little town has grown and grown and is now a famous Hallmark movie site. The night sky is still dark and filled with stars. The air is still fresh and cool most days. And we don’t regret coming here – not one bit.

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