Another Winter Solstice

Well, it doesn’t look like this around here this year – in fact, we may have a green Christmas in Almonte (unheard of.)

However as we approach the Winter Solstice, I get closer to another anniversary of my retirement. This year I’ll be starting my 20th year of fixed income and all week weekends.

Later on we’ll be marking 19 years in Almonte. It hardly seems possible. When we came here our beloved cat Sammy was only about 6 years of age, Now we have just lost Mr. Oates – another wonderful pet. Lord, I miss him every day…and especially at night. Another sad fact to ponder is that lately some good friends we made here have passed away.

So much to be thankful for though. We live close to Sarah and Dave. Our grandkids are growing into lovely young people. We are safe and warm in our comfortable home in this picture postcard town. Although we are getting a bit more elderly and with the associated aches and pains, we are generally in decent health and sound of mind.

As we get into the December side of life, it’s hard to say how many more Solstices we’ll get to celebrate. I guess one day at a time is the way to go. That, and don’t buy too many green bananas.

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