Go-Go to No Go

Today would have been the day we drove to Montreal and stayed overnight at the Holiday Inn in Dorval, prior to our flight to Tampa. After a couple of days in Florida, we planned to embark on a Transatlantic cruise to Barcelona, with a stop in Bermuda and the Azores. Then we had a second cruise planned to Venice and a few days in the Veneto region. Of course, the COVID-19 situation ended all hopes that this trip would happen. We’ll be spending the next few weeks in lockdown.

We are out our holiday and a bit of cash due to nonrefundable flights but I suppose we are lucky. We didn’t end up on a floating Petrie dish going to a locked-down city that wouldn’t accept us. We have our health when a long term care home in Almonte has registered nearly 20 fatalities so far. Almonte Country Haven is on Country Street but it’s hardly a haven these days.

It’s said that in your senior years you start out traveling as go-go, proceed to go slow, and then in your later years it’s no go, but we seem to have gone from go-go to no go overnight. I don’t know if we’ll ever get back on a cruise ship; we may have already experienced the golden age of cruise life.

Looking on the bright side of things, we didn’t have to pack our fancy clothes. No need for anything but T-shirts and sweatpants today.

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