A Flair for History

My grandson Teddy certainly can be identified with historic dates. His birthday coincided with Barack Obama’s inauguration, and this year anniversary #12 occurs on the day Kamala Harris will become the first woman of color to be vice president.

The existential contrast between these inaugurations is incredible. So is the contrast between 2009 Teddy and 2021 Teddy. Then he was a tiny babe-in-arms; now he’s a fine young man on his way to the teenage years.

Teddy and his sisters have been remote learning all year and he’s Zooming through his academics. He excels at reading and math. Like Grandpa he’s not too keen on group assignments, preferring to do his own thing. He has a rich fantasy life, with his love of Pokemon videos, games, and cards.

This year, with the Covid craziness, we won’t be able to have dinner with him on his birthday. But we know what he will want – his penchant for pepperoni pizza continues apace. His dad will get enough so he can have it for breakfast the next day (don’t ask.)

Teddy will be a fine card player. He already loves to get me at UNO or “chase the ace” and he has a real appreciation for Texas Hold ‘Em on Sportsnet. Time to teach him the fine points of Cribbage.

I am looking forward to the time we can visit again – maybe watch some baseball on TV. His mother has already been teaching him the fine points of hit-and-run or rundowns.

Since he chose such an important date in US history to be born, Teddy is always going to have a memorable birthday every four years. Oh my goodness, he’ll be 16 the next time an inauguration comes around.

But that’s a post for another day. Happy birthday dear Teddy, and enjoy each one as it comes.

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