Mr. Oates Turns 6

Or at least he will on Nov. 11. He’s still a handsome dude as he enters middle age. A face to die for and a shiny ginger coat.

He’s put on a few grams (haven’t we all) and slowed down a bit. He doesn’t have the boundless energy of his kittenhood, but he’s still capable of a mad dash through the house and a merry chase after his toy mouse. He loves his naps in the sun, or on the bed in the morning after we have gotten up for the day.

All of our guys have been aggressively friendly, but Oates is the most affectionate cat we have ever had. He’s always been a ladies man – Maria is his favorite person in the whole world. He also loves our granddaughter Veronica (she’s the cat whisperer in the family.) And when Sarah was out here doing her remote seminar he was all over her as well.

He’s become more of a lap cat since we are spending more time at home with him. He cuddles up to both of us and sleeps on our bed all night long.

He’s pretty smart and his happy word is “Treat.” Shake the ole Whiskers envelope and he comes running.

He is not quite as vocal as our old Siamese friend Brio but he’s not far off that standard for loquaciousness. It’s a pleasure to have a conversation with him most days.

At 6, he should have a number of good years ahead of him. Should he outlive us we know that Sarah and Veronica will take great care of him. But let’s hope we all can age in place for a bit.

I’ll have a special treat for him on the 11th. Happy Birthday old pal.

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