Dear Mr. President


Your Inauguration day in 2009 was historic in more ways than one.


It was also the birthday of my grandson and first grandchild.

As Teddy celebrates his 8th birthday and as you leave office, I would like to thank you for your service to the United States and to the world.

Your presence in the White House has always exemplified the hopes I had and continue to have for Teddy – and for that matter all people of good will.

  • The hope that he will grow up in a world where peace and love drive out fear and hatred.
  • The hope that all people may have the right to decent health care without catastrophic loss.
  • The hope that there may be continuing understanding and co-operation between our two countries – that we may trade with and visit each other in freedom.
  • The hope that family life will continue to be the cornerstone of our respective countries’ well being.
  • The hope that honesty and decency will still count for something as Teddy becomes a man.

I’m not sure the way ahead is as clear for me as it was in 2009. Maybe I’ll need to lean a bit more onĀ Merton’s Prayer of Trust.

Be that as it may, it has been a privilege to watch Teddy grow up during your time in office, and to have followed your progress as American President.

I know this is a tiny corner of the Internet in a small town in a neighboring country, so you’ll likely never get the chance to read this – but thanks again and God bless you anyway.

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