Lazy, Hazy, Crazy

It’s funny how our focus on the month of July has changed over the years. As we celebrate our 14th anniversary of moving to Almonte, I look back to the 1990s when we were both still working. At that time July gave Maria and Sarah a quiet rest at home around the pool, with my holidays starting in the last week of the month usually. We enjoyed summer trips back then to places like Seattle, San Francisco, HOTlanta, and St. Louis.

Although we have had some July trips with Dave Sarah and the kids, they have been closer to home, like this 2014 trip to Syracuse New York shown above. Our more exotic trips have been in the winter or spring.

When I was at Unilever and Maria was teaching, the summer (or March break) was the only time for a family vacation. Putting up with the crowds or the summer heat seemed a small price to pay for a getaway. But now? The shoulder seasons suit us better.

I can remember watching the All-Star Game in Colorado Springs, or attending a Friday night Atlanta Braves Game (great fireworks.) But at this winter time of life, the lazy, hazy crazy days are better spent in the air-conditioned comfort of home.


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