Cat Whisperer

On August 24, my older granddaughter Veronica turns 11. While she is rapidly turning into a real young lady, she is still as sweet and kind as ever. I don’t think that’ll ever change.

Veronica has a particular talent when it comes to the feline species. Our ginger tabby Mr. Oates has an abundance of caution when it comes to visitors, but Veronica won him over with a combination of petting and cat treats. He adores her, and she is the first grandkid to greet him and the last one to say good-bye.

She also manages to get grudging acceptance from Dave and Sarah’s crabby old tuxedo, Morris. And she lavishes affection on the kitten brothers Terry and Timmy – who the family just adopted. She is known as the “cat whisperer” for plenty of reasons.

Veronica continues in her role of care and nurture for big brother Teddy and little sister Susannah. I’m not sure it is always reciprocated or appreciated as much as it should be, but she continues to put it out there.

She is always a big fan of Grandpa and his nostalgic stories, but it amazed her earlier this year that dear old Grandpa could add up mixed numbers, and that he knows what nested loops are in computer programming. I guess I still have a few surprises in store.

Happy birthday dear Veronica, and we are looking forward to helping you enjoy your special day.

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