This is our 14th winter in Almonte. We knew when we moved to the Valley we would be in for a robust winter experience.

In moving from Georgetown to Almonte we didn’t just move east. We went northeast, following the St. Lawrence, and then another 60 miles north of the river. Almonte is on the same latitude as Huntsville, Ontario or Minneapolis for that matter. Don’t expect mild winters.

The absolute worst we had as far as snow goes was 2007-2008. That was second all-time in terms of snow accumulation. The photo above was after the worst week in March 2008 when we had over 80 cm of snow in 4 days. We didnt see the ground that winter from November to April.

This winter won’t get close to that one. In fact it started out rather wimpy. We had some early snow, enough for the grandkids to do this:

But by Christmas Eve it had all melted away and only enough white stuff remained to cover the grass and technically give us a White Christmas.

January changed all that with bone-chilling cold and close to a meter of snow. February has been up and down – cold and sunny a few days, but mostly we’ve had freezing drizzle and ice pellets.

Now it may be time for Snowmageddon, if the worst expectations of the forecasters happen. We could get two snowstorms this week with 30 cm in the first one and 20 cm in the second. When it comes to winter in Almonte it’s deja vu all over again.

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