Grandpa’s Girl


Hard to believe it was 5 years ago today that we got the call that Sarah was ready to go to the birthing centre at the hospital to deliver child #2. I decided we had lots of time, so we stopped off and had coffee at Tim Horton’s before heading over to her home to babysit Teddy.

As it turned out, things were in a bit more of a rush and about an hour later Veronica was born. Unlike her dark eyed and hirsute brother, she was much more fair of hair (and blue eyed) and what hair she had looked like a Mohawk cut for quite a while. Things steadily improved in the “bad hair” department and she’s quite the young lady as she celebrates her fifth birthday today.

For the first couple of years Grandpa was definitely in the background as she was close to her Mother but around age 3 a switch was turned on. Grandpa became a very important person in Veronica’s life, and vice-versa.

It seems I can always make her laugh. “You’re just joking, Grandpa. You can only make two jokes today.”

She’s as sweet as can be, but she has a sense of fairness that would make her Nonna proud. Don’t try to let Teddy play too long at a video game unless she has her turn. She might be the middle child but she won’t let you forget her for a second.

As she grows older, she’ll be fiercely protective of her older brother and younger sister. And they darn well better appreciate it when she is.

I love her to pieces and I just hope and pray I’ll be around to celebrate many many more of her birthdays. Happy 5th birthday to Grandpa’s special girl!


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