Winter Solstice

The days continue to get shorter as we approach the Winter Solstice. By now the sun doesn’t come up until 7:45 AM and it’s setting by 4:20 PM. 

We have a little snow out there, but it’s nowhere near the Alaskan level we had in 2007. See above.

The Winter Solstice – dark night, short day – remains a significant event in my life though. It was 14 years ago on this upcoming December 21 that I hung up my work clothes for the last time.

I won’t deny it – retirement has suited me fine. I ended up in this cool little town, close to my roots, close to family. I have never been bored, or missed going out to earn my daily bread. On a night like that of Dec 17, with the temperature dropping and the wind howling, I am just as content to sleep in till that late fall sun makes its appearance tomorrow.

I’m glad we had the chance to travel after retiring, and check off a few items on the old bucket list. Our discovery of the joy of cruising made it possible for some transoceanic passages including a once in a lifetime voyage from Sydney to Vancouver. Transatlantic crossings have become a recurring pleasure and we hope for another one next spring, all being well.

Winter solstice means winter of life as well. I cannot deny the approach of mortality, but with any good fortune I’ll have a few years of relatively decent health and mentality left. One never knows, but I’d like to keep my mind as active as I can.

I’m happy to be around to see my grandchildren grow up.

What is the best thing of all about the winter solstice? In less than a week, the days will start to get longer again.

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