Winding Up Another Decade

As the end of the year approaches, so does the end of another decade. These past 10 years have had their share of changes for us, although we have remained in Almonte as our home base. Some notable changes include:

Grandkids. At the start of 2010 we just had this little guy.

By the end, we had these three giants – growing, learning about their world, developing in mind body and spirit.

Family Joys and Sorrows. During the 2010s we lost two well-loved brothers-in-law, Maria’s aunt and uncle in Italy, and her uncle in Washington. On the positive side, her mother is still doing well and just celebrated her 90th birthday. Maria’s mother had a serious fall that necessitated a lengthy rehab and convalescence, but she has returned to independent living after all that. Her sister in Albany is still on the go as well – into her early 90s.

Pets. We said a final goodbye to a big, gray, cuddly loud-purring bundle of love and made the acquaintance of a smart, vocal orange tabby who might just be the most affectionate cat we’ve ever had. So goes life with felines, always the same, never the same, never long enough.

Travel. This was probably our busiest cruise decade and marked the go-go phase of retirement I guess. We had many Transatlantic and Caribbean journeys – some with Sarah, Dave and the grandkids. We also had a trip of a lifetime TransPacific cruise. We do have a cruise or two ahead of us this year, but it’s less of a priority than it was in the past.

Aging. We began the 2010s just easing into official senior status – at least I did. Now both of us are solidly there. I think this might be our go slow(er) decade coming up. It’s nice to spend our time at home, especially in the winter months.

Well, I had hoped to write this post before the end of 2019 but a nasty virus got me right after Christmas, and I’m just digging my way out now. Better late than never, I suppose.

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