Victoria Day Ramble

It was a warm and cloudy morning in Almonte this holiday Monday, but no rain was forecast. We decided to walk downtown and see the sights from the old railway bridge over the river.

On the way, we passed the tulip bed at the Veterans’ Memorial Park. They are just starting to look good.

Heading down the trail to the main road into town.

More nice tulip beds – this time at the War Memorial.

The river flow has subsided somewhat, but water is still rushing over the weir beside the old Thoburn woolen mill.

The upper falls are still roaring. Later on in the year, the power dam will limit the flow and they’ll be nearly dry.

For the moment it’s still a pretty good show by Mother Nature.

Still plenty of water going over the Enerdu spillway.

All this liquid is just heading downstream. The powerhouse is at maximum capacity. It’ll be different in July and August.

At least the local pub won’t get flooded now. A couple of weeks ago they had to sandbag the patio.

It was a pleasant walk today, but I’d sure like to see some warmer weather. After all, it’s nearly June.

Published by Ray MacDonald

Ray MacDonald is a retired food scientist who lives in Almonte, ON.
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