Two Score and Eight Years Ago

48 years ago today, Maria and I embarked on what is arguably life’s greatest adventure. We are still on it, thankfully.

“White lace and promises” as the Carpenters’ song goes.

We’ve gone from young couple to raising our daughter to empty nesters to seniors with grandkids. And we did it one day at a time.

The world has changed from total analog to 24/7 connected digital. We didn’t even have a color TV when we got married; now we can stream video on a smartphone.

We are getting close to the magic 50-year mark. It’ll be 50 years this October that we met.

Through it all we have been best friends and true lovers. If there is one person I can rely on in this world, it is Maria.

With COVID we can’t go out to celebrate. I guess we’ll have to make do with take-out this year. Maybe things will be better if we get to the real half-century mark in a couple of years.

So happy anniversary, dear Maria and hopefully we’ll have a few more to write about.

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  1. Mandy 3 months ago

    Wonderful! You wonderful people! Thank heaven I am in this world at the same time!
    Congratulations and happy, joyful anniversary!

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