Turning Back the Clock(s)

Well it’s done. Tomorrow we shall be on Eastern Standard Time here in the Valley so tonight we had to adjust about 20 timepieces in the house – not counting a bunch of wrist and pocket watches and self regulating units like cable boxes and computers.

Most of them are easy – clock radios, coffee makers, microwave ovens and small mantel clocks scattered around the place. Some are tricky – like a big mechanical grandfather clock – just stop it and come back an hour later and get the pendulum swinging again. Others are difficult – like an inaccessible quartz wall clock in our utility room or a tiny clock in the laundry room that requires you to climb up on the dryer to reach it.

Then there’s the downright nasty – a big, bulky, quartz powered Bulova Whittington chime wall clock that requires you to take it off the wall, open up the back, fumble behind the pendulum to find the adjustment control, make sure you have the time set accurately for the chime, put the back on again, climb up a ladder and position the blasted clock back on the wall so it hangs properly on its fastener and is level. We leave that one till last.

And the wristwatches and pocket watches? Just wind ’em and set ’em when you want to wear ’em. Easy-peasy. That reminds me – better set the one I have on my wrist right now.

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  1. Maria 7 years ago

    What fun to do this 2 times a year!!!

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