Turning 9

On Saturday August 24, Veronica turns 9. Although she’s growing up fast, she has largely maintained her sweet and accommodating nature. She is sort of the glue in the grandkids ensemble – supporting her older brother and being a big sister to Susannah. She’s a stickler for fair treatment for everyone.

Grandpas aren’t allowed to have a favorite grandchild, but that doesn’t apply to a certain ginger cat. Mr. Oates adores her; she is the real “cat whisperer” when it comes to him. He was won over early on by her kindness and gentle ways.

Veronica loves a physical challenge. She had great fun climbing the rock wall on our cruise ship earlier this year, and her early-bird birthday party was at some sort of rock climbing spot. She’s pretty good on the monkey bars as well.

We’ll see her tomorrow after she and her parents have a water park adventure.

She always has had a bit of sassiness in her attitude. I hope that continues. This photo is a pretty good snapshot of all the grandchildren as they project themselves at this point in time.

She’s a great singer and her French accent is impeccable. We had a lot of fun with her singing grace before meals during her recent visit. A tous bon appetit!

Have a great birthday and stay as as sweet as you are, my dear girl.





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