Transatlantic At Last

One thing I’ve always wanted to do is take a sea voyage across the Atlantic. This dream is set to come true this April as I’ve finally convinced Maria she can do this with me – with lots of bonamine packed in her suitcase.
We’ll be flying from Ottawa to Miami and then it’s a two week cruise with the first 7 days at sea . We’ll go to the Canary Islands, Spain, France, Great Britain and end in Amsterdam. After a few days in Holland we’ll fly back.
Actually a cruise like this is a bargain because they have to take the ship over there anyway, and not everyone chooses a transatlantic cruise as their first experience of ship travel.
The ship is Celebrity Century – large enough to be comfortable, small enough to enjoy great service.
One more lifetime ambition to check off my list.

Published by Ray MacDonald

Ray MacDonald is a retired food scientist who lives in Almonte, ON.

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