Three Score and Ten


Having done a retrospective on Canada maybe I could do one on myself – having reached the magic age of 70. My memories don’t go back that far of course but I’ll do my best.

10 Years Ago – 2007

In 2007 it seemed to be a time of moving. We were established in Almonte by then but Maria was busy getting her mother resettled in the suburbs from downtown Kingston. Her sister Flo was by this time a resident of St. Mary’s of the Lake Hospital and Maria spent a lot of time away in Kingston. Sarah and Dave were moving too – into their home in Blackburn Hamlet.

We did manage to get away in the fall to do a cruise of the Mediterranean – only to return to one of the most brutal winters we can remember.

20 Years Ago – 1997

Sarah was in her first year at Guelph and her parents were adjusting to the empty nest. We went on a March break holiday to the UK without her and it was different. Sarah did her own UK holiday with her Aunt Flo later that year. The three of us managed a weekend in Nashville and a trip to the Grand Old Opry in the summer.

30 Years Ago – 1987

We were living in Georgetown, Sarah was in Grade 4 and I was working at Lipton by then. In March 1987 we had the first of many March break holidays – this one was a fly and drive tour of Texas. in the summer we had a similar fly / drive tour of Nova Scotia.

40 Years Ago – 1977

Living in Quebec and I was working at Standard Brands’ factory in LaSalle. On March 18 (the anniversary of my father’s death) I learned that I was going to be a father myself.

That summer we took our little travel trailer on a tour of Vermont and Connecticut. We discovered the joy of Litchfield CT on that tour.

Sarah was born in October. And so we became a family of 3.

50 Years Ago – 1967

Ah, the Summer of Love. My mother and sister went out to L.A.  – by train! – to visit our cousins. I stayed home to shovel concrete and save money to go back to university. I was half way through at that point – broke and discouraged. But I made it to graduation a couple of years later.

In that summer I listened to rock radio a lot and discovered psychedelia for the first time. This group particularly impressed me – especially their lead singer and their keyboard virtuoso. Both are sadly no longer with us. Was it really that long ago?

60 Years Ago – 1957

I was in grade 6 at Deseronto Public School – the last year of the rambling two storey Victorian structure that was replaced by a brand new Leave it to Beaver style building later that year.

To those Trump fans who seem to want to bring this era back – it wasn’t really that great – trust me. Mono music, black and white TV, no air travel to speak of – just small time, small town living. Elvis was still in the building though you didn’t hear much of him on the radio – maybe a couple of hours before supper on an old tube unit to do your homework by. My mother liked Eddie Fisher and Tony Bennett.

70 Years Ago – 1947

I was there – see picture above – but no memories of it, sorry. 1947 was the start of the baby boom so a lot of us are around that don’t remember it.

Three score and ten. Lots of memories. I remember when my Uncle Rocky said he could remember back 50 years – man he seemed old. Now I can go back nearly 70. Go figure.



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