Three and a Half

That’s how old Susannah said she is today, when her Nonna called. Actually she’s 3 on the nose since it’s her birthday.

She wants to celebrate a half birthday like her older siblings do. Everyone wants to grow up fast and Susannah thinks she has more of it to do apparently.

Unlike her brother (little Ray) and older sister (little Maria), Susannah is the most like her mother. She was an early talker and is friendly and outgoing. The picture above shows a serious side, but she gets a lot of laughs out of saying new words like “Argentina.” Her preschool teachers think she is mature and physically quite fearless – I guess trying to be like the older two will bring that out in a kid. Time will tell but I see a lot of talent in her for learning – like Mom.

She is a big Disney fan and loves the Princesses. You’d have to ask her which one her favorite is – Grandpa isn’t that current on such things.

She’s made it past the baby stage and the terrible twos now and the whole world awaits. Happy birthday, my dear granddaughter.

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