These Precious Days

We had a car – but you needed to learn how to drive it. We had enough stuff to decorate our Port Hope apartment. We had some savings thanks to all the Italian folks who gave us cash at the wedding.

We were debt free – out of student days, but mortgage and home ownership still to come. When you started working that September we were making close to $18,000 a year.

We dodged Hurricane Agnes on our wedding day. It rained in the morning but it was fine when we came out of the church. We had a two week honeymoon – one in PEI, and one in Toronto where you started your French teaching course for elementary school.

You left home, moved, got married, started a job – all in a couple of months. Mind blowing change. But you coped.

We were young, we loved each other, we took it one day at a time. 50 years later here we are – older, arguably feebler, moving closer to December on the calendar of life. But I still love you.

We have no big celebration planned for Friday. Just pizza with Dave and the grandkids I think. That suits me just fine. These precious days, I’ll spend with you.

Published by Ray MacDonald

Ray MacDonald is a retired food scientist who lives in Almonte, ON.

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  1. It is wonderful to look back on how we coped with life when we first got married. For 1972 Ray had a great job. Ken was making about half that and l was still finishing university. All those challenges we faced together and made our love stronger. Just like you love conquered all. Have a wonderful celebration with the family. We all know that time with family is the most precious gift. Congratulations and here’s to many more years together ❤️

    1. Not that great a job, Pat. The salaries were for two people. I was around 10K and Maria around 7.5K.

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