The Warmest Day


After a cool and wet spring, we finally got a warm and sunny day in Almonte. It was forecasted to reach the upper 20s (mid-80s F.) so we set off for a walk downtown before the heat of midday. The lilac in front of the house was blooming at last as we headed out.

Now that the river has calmed down, the town got the fountain going next to the Riverwalk.

The upper falls are now mostly dry as the dam takes the majority of the flow through the Enerdu powerhouse.

A little bit of show business in front of the powerhouse – but most of the water is making electricity.

They are getting ready for a busy day at the waterfront pub.

We walked across the old railway bridge and I took a few pics from the other side of the river. Here the river flows into the second (larger) power station.

A look back up the river to the upper falls and the bridge.

The main falls are still running, but the spring thaw is over. It’s not scary like it was a few weeks ago.

Almonte is settling into its summer way of life. Hopefully, the weather will co-operate.

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