The Swinging Old Lady

That is what they call this pontoon bridge across the ship canal in Curacao. Its official name is the Queen Emma bridge and it was put into service in 1888. The swinging old lady was a highlight of our visit to Willemstad, Curacao.

But first, we were off on our tour of the island. Our first stop was the Curacao Museum.

Housed in a former military hospital, the Museum contains a nice selection of Curacao mahogany furniture and displays of 19th-century island life.

The living room display.

Airing out the undies.

A Dutch kitchen.

Not sure what this is but it looks cool.

The Museum has a Carillon but if they play it, it brings the building down. They are planning to build a separate tower for it.

Nice gardens outside with some interesting artwork.

On the way to our next stop, we saw more of those famous flamingoes.

Our second point of interest was the Hato Caves. These are above ground Coral Caves.

More Arizona vibes.

Some interesting rocks, for sure.

Crossing the high Queen Juliana bridge we got a nice view of Willemstad.

Next, we went to the distillery where they make the famous Blue Curacao liqueur. Very tasty. I didn’t try the Tamarind flavor though. Ecch!

I’ve seen lots of production lines and this one seemed rather labor intensive to me. They are using the same still for the liqueur they did in 1896.

Back from the tour, we headed off to see Willemstad. The colorful historic buildings require a lot of maintenance. The oldest ones are built of coral rock with a painted stucco covering. The rock is porous; water gets in and the stucco spalls off. Then you replaster and repaint – and rinse and repeat.

Let’s take a walk on the swinging old lady.

The lovely waterfront after you cross the harbor.

Shop till you drop.

A sign that needs no introduction.

You can look it up.

The famous Willemstad synagogue.

An eetcafe – just like you’d see in Amsterdam.

We headed back only to find the swinging old lady on the opposite side of the harbor entrance.

A ship had come by, so we had to wait until they got the bridge back in position.

A nice promenade heading back to the ship.

Coral rocks, pounding surf, and the Eclipse – probably my best ship picture on this cruise.

Back on board, we could reflect on what a great spot Curacao is. Our favorite port. On to Aruba tomorrow!









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