The Scanner – Part Deux

So the scanner has arrived. It’s not made by Nikon or Canon – not even Panasonic. Its brand name is (wait for it) Jumbl. Jumbl is a company that markets different electronic gadgets that are no doubt made in China and co-branded for them.

No matter. The darn thing works pretty well. You can scan in high res in about 5 seconds. In fact the hardest part about the scanning was that we couldn’t find the old slides. Poor Maria spent an afternoon searching through the basement alcove and finally located them right at the front of a pile of boxes under the stairs. I was going to help but she soon got me out of the way.

So I started with a bunch of photo slides taken in May 1981 when I went to Geneva and London with Firmenich – my employer at the time. Here is the way the ski resort town of Zermatt looked back then.


Then I moved on to a bunch of slides taken in 1984/1985 – just before I switched to color print film.

Here are a couple of Cabbage Patch kids from that era.


And here is Sarah in historic Philadelphia ca 1985 – visiting the Liberty Bell.


And finally a picture taken at Sarah’s First Communion with her Nonna and Nonno.

Color slide film can have some weird color casts so I am sure I shall have to do some post scanning work to get every pic looking OK. But I am pleased with the results so far. I have scanned over 200 slides in an afternoon.

And I can’t resist ending with something from my own younger days. This is “Lucky”, our dog who lived from 1961 to 1976 – a photo here taken by my late stepfather Jack Selby that is over 50 years old if it’s a day. What a great pal Lucky was – to everyone.

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