About a week before Christmas I came down with the plague. OK maybe that’s a bit of hyperbole.

What I got was a nasty respiratory virus – not as bad as the flu but certainly a lot worse than a common cold. For two weeks I’ve had a thrumming headache, lots of sucky mucus, general blah feeling and a cough that just won’t quit. At first I was consuming decongestants like Skittles and resorting to the narcotics to sleep at night. Later I weaned myself off codeine but I still needed the DM cough syrup to be able to sleep. I’ve been housebound for those two weeks as well.

I think I’m improving a bit but I still have the cough.

From what I’ve read the flu is out there too, and the flu shot this year offers only limited protection. Got my fingers crossed about that after this bout of nastiness.