The Other Side of the Coin


A beloved male lion is lured outside the preserve, killed by a “big game” hunter and decapitated.

A six year old cat in Gatineau QC doesn’t return home then is found brutally beaten and has to be put down.

There is a war on against felines it seems. I suppose we have to face the facts that cat haters are out there and they gonna hate.

Yet if you look at the reasons given by ailurophobes they don’t really stand up that well to scrutiny – at least in my experience they don’t.

  • Cats don’t really love you. They are just there for what they need.
    Well, I’ve seen lots of videos where a cat has food, water and clean litter but they wander the house with their favorite toy, meowing for their absent human. Maybe cats aren’t as demonstrative in their love (or as needy) as dogs but it’s there. I nearly missed out on adopting Mr. Oates because he had lost his family and home and was lying about depressed in the shelter. Since he came home with us he’s been a totally different cat – vocal and totally friendly.
  • Cat’s aren’t affectionate. They just rub against you to mark their territory.
    I scarcely feel like a scratching post or sofa when Oatsy climbs up on the computer desk to lie next to the monitor, or snoozes on the floor behind my chair – just because I’m here. Nor do I think that rubbing, head butting, snuggling up or purring is simply marking me out as territory. Puh-leeze.
  • Cats are an eco-disaster, killing wildlife and breeding out of control.
    Feral and barn cats are expert killers, but the average housecat isn’t. Even if one does manage to get outdoors, it’s more likely to be a clumsy inefficient hunter. Real domestic cats learned to chase wand toys as kittens, not rodents and birds. The feral cat population is a problem and Trap Neuter Release programs can help reduce it – as can rescuing feral kittens at an early age and making housecats out of them. And if everyone took the responsibility of a pet owner seriously it would go a long way to help the ecology.
  • Cat poop can spread Toxoplasma gondii parasites – you’ll all go crazy.
    Again nobody likes to find cat doo-doo in the flowerbeds and T. gondii can cause all sorts of nastiness including birth defects. But keep your cat indoors and don’t let it hunt and kill infected rodents. Chances are you’ll have no problems. A pregnant woman should steer clear of cleaning litter in any event. Man up, guys!
    I’ve cleaned up far more doggie doo on my property than cat poop so the dog owners shouldn’t feel too superior about fecal matters.

I suppose that it’s understandable that a certain segment of the population may feel uncomfortable around cats – especially if you have severe allergies. But I can never accept treating any animal with cruelty – be that a majestic lion from an animal preserve or a simple neighborhood moggie whose owners should keep her away from predation and accident. That’s my $0.02 worth anyway.




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