The North Wind Doth Blow

But it doesn’t look like we shall have snow. No indeed.

In fact, with the warmest December 28 on record, most of our white Christmas snow has melted away.

Now it’s getting colder with the north wind, but it won’t last long according to the forecasters.

It’s been a strange end to the year here in the Valley – no sunny days and chilly nights. The weather has been more like November – iron-gray skies and bits of freezing drizzle. The shorter days have made it even grimmer than last month.

Still lots of winter to go though – I’m sure we’ll have a day or two like the one above. That was in February 2006. Colder weather will be on the way in the New Year.

Don’t even get me started on the arrival of spring. Such is life here north of the St. Lawrence River.

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