The Most Annoying Object In The World

It’s a child’s car safety seat. We have two of those in the Jeep as a rule, but today I needed to take the winter tires in for mounting so the seats had to come out.

First of all they are bulky objects to put in or take out of the car. You need to get the doors wide open in the back, plus the rear hatch has to lift up, so no way you can do this inside the garage where you are out of the wind. Oh no. It’s outside you go.

Next you have to loosen up the rear tethers which were pulled taut by a super strong son-in-law. After that it’s on to the seats themselves. Unthread the rear setbelts and then it’s time for my favorite part – releasing the seat latches.

One of the seats takes about 10 seconds to release Рpush a red button on the latch hooks and out they come. The other one takes ten minutes of fumbling between the rear seat cushions trying to depress a springy and sharp strip of steel, push the latch hook further back into the seat until it releases Рand then and only then can you finally get the darn seat out. Then rinse and repeat with the other latch. Whoever designed this particular seat should have a particularly hot spot in Perdition pre-arranged for early entry.

After storing the seats away you then have to put the rear seat flat and load up the winter tires and rims. Then after the tire switch is done, unload the summer tires (outside in the wind naturally.) Then after putting the seat upright again, it’s time to complete the safety seat Re-Re exercise.

The first seat goes snap-snap – latches attached. Thread the seatbelt, attach the tether. A 30 second job. The second one requires you to consult the manual to see how to thread the latch straps, go back to fumbling for 5 minutes trying to reattach the sharp and springy thingies, thread the seatbelt and finally attach the tether. After all this I am sure the seats are too loose and will require the super strong son-in-law to reef them tight before any kid can be placed therein.

As I said earlier, the world’s most annoying object. Especially seat #2.


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  1. Maria 6 years ago

    Thanks Ray, it is hard work for sure!

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