The Kids Are Alright

One of the cool things about getting old and having adult children is watching them make those lifestyle decisions you had to make 30 years ago, and vicariously reliving the moment.
Dave and Sarah have been looking for a house near Ottawa for a few months now. They wanted a place close to town with public transit available. They decided to concentrate on a community just east of downtown called Blackburn Hamlet.
This enclave of mostly 60s and 70s homes is quite self contained, closer to the city than similar locations in the west end and best of all – surrounded by Capital Region greenbelt. No new development means lots of parkland, but basically what you see is what you get- limited supply and high demand. Only about 40 homes a year go on the market.
After viewing about 10 homes, they saw one they liked. It was an OK two storey with 4 bedrooms. They tried an offer but a bidding war ensued and they lost out.
They continued looking and I must admit we were advising them to broaden their horizons. It didn’t seem that anything would come up in Blackburn Hamlet. Then about a week ago they got what they were looking for. Side split, 4 bedrooms, parklike setting – a real home lovingly maintained by the original owner. Their offer did the job and they are homeowners as of August 15. Well done kids. You showed me (again) that Father doesn’t always know best.

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