The Gateway

We’ve taken a few cruises in the Caribbean or across the Atlantic, and most of them have started in the gateway port of Fort Lauderdale/Port Everglades. This one was no exception.

It’s a busy spot for sure. The Sunday when we embarked there were 5 ships in the port – Princess, Holland America, two Royal Caribbean including the massive Allure of the Seas, and our Celebrity Silhouette.

We arrived the night before to make sure we didn’t miss our sailaway. Hotel space was at a premium (and expensive) but we had booked in advance to stay at a hotel quite close to the port. We had time to hit Walgreen’s for necessary pharmacy items and a local Mexican grill for burritos. The next day we had breakfast, walked around a bit, went back to Walgreen’s and then got the shuttle over to the ship.

Susannah came with us as we headed back to Walgreen’s one more time.

Once aboard, we had our lunch and wandered around the upper decks looking across the water to the other ships such as the incredible Allure of the Seas.

Then it was time for lifeboat drill and Teddy had to try out his life jacket.

After that we were on our way. Next stop Cozumel!




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