The Christmas Photographer – Part Deux

So I did end up taking the Nikon DSLR to Sydenham. Considering the amount of stuff we were toting anyway, the extra camera/flash bulk was negligible. The Nikon is surely the best camera for family photos as I can attach a separate flash, avoid redeye and get better light exposure.

You can depend that one or more kids are going to get sick, and this time Susannah was feeling under the weather. She did perk up later when the giftapalooza started.

Bisnonna with Sarah and family.

Grandkids and great-grandkids.

Maria, Serge, Lina, Patricia.

Looking at a slideshow of photos over nearly 50 years.

Lasagna is always a good start to a Christmas feast.

Teddy and Jacob digging in.

As are Sierra and Patricia.

Serge and some old friends from an earlier life.

Time for a little birthday cake.

And maybe a present (or 10.)

After a safe drive back to Almonte, we were ready for giftapalooza Boxing Day edition. But first some of Nonna’s cinnamon buns.

Grandpa is always a million laughs (at least when you’re 9.) The gingerbread house was a little shaky when we brought it from Ottawa, so Nonna hot glued the roof back on. Don’t tell the kids.

Dad is always the best at this age.

But Mom does OK.

Must be something worthwhile in there.

Even gummy berries are great.

Pokemon cards never lose their appeal. Or do they?

Still lots more to go,

Grandpa had the batteries to bring this dog to life. Dad is responsible for replacements as I am now out of Size C until I get back to Costco.

This cat had batteries included. It’s really annoying though – meowed in the trunk all the way from Ottawa to Almonte.

Beyblade arena didn’t need any dry cells but it got lots of action.

This guy got quite a workout over the course of the day.

And so did the Beyblades.

The cat and dog behaved themselves most of the time – although it was pretty hard to shut up the cat.

And so went the two day Christmas festival. Hope you enjoyed looking at the pictures and I’m glad I used my best camera to document everything.

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