The Changing Face of January

OK, so maybe I don’t get those fun-filled business trips to Baltimore any longer, but there’s a lot to like about how January shakes down in retirement.

With the Christmas and US college football seasons now officially over, we are headed into the depths of January. And when I was working, January was a depressing time.

Maria and Sarah headed back to school. I was up 90 minutes before sunrise to clear snow off the car and the driveway. Then I either drove through freezing rain, or trudged along an icy path from the GO station to the factory.

Work usually sucked when I got there. January was drama central what with performance reviews, setting a bunch of “SMART” goals that were rarely attainable, new and unwelcome assignments, colleagues getting fired.

On top of that, I got a smaller paycheck thanks to the return of CPP and other payroll taxes.

After retirement, all that went away and January emerged as a low-stress month with few social or family commitments. It snowed a bunch last night; I slept in and ignored it. It’ll get colder and more snow is forecast. Bring it on.

Many folks our age can’t take the winter and are planning their escape right now. I can wait a while. The cold and snow ain’t so bad if you have options.

It still gets dark early and the sun rises late. But I have a ginger tabby ready to come and keep my feet warm in the darkness. That makes a yuge difference.

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