The Big Island – Part 2


Our final visit to Hawaii was on the windward side of the Big Island in the town of Hilo. In Hilo we did not have to tender as we docked  in this rather un-scenic harbor.

The view on the opposite side of the ship was a bit nicer, though.


After a brief tour of Hilo we were off to see Akaka Falls.


Our guide said that The Big Island has 11 different climate zones, and Akaka Falls is one of tropical lushness. They get about 5500 mm of rain per year at this 440 foot waterfall.


On the nature trail to see one of the smaller waterfalls.


You can just see it across the valley here.


And here’s the main waterfall. Pretty impressive.


Maria enjoyed the nature trail and the lovely view.


Gorgeous tropical blooms everywhere you looked.


Another fast flowing tropical stream.


And yet another.


And here’s another. It was a Garden of Eden.


Next we were off to the city zoo and botanical garden. Things were a little more civilized there but just as lush.


I was standing outside the gift shop when this fellow said “Hello” so I had to take his picture.


The zoo had all kinds of lovely tree lined walkways like this one.


And plenty of friendly inhabitants. Nothing too scary though.


More beautiful flowers everywhere you looked.


After a tropical downpour, and a visit to a Macadamia nut factory we returned to the ship and got ready to say goodbye to the Hawaiian Islands. It was a lovely visit. Next stop Vancouver!



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