The 400

I’ve been on the Web for over 20 years – at first with my own coded website, and later on with a blog. Some of the posts here date back to 2002. They originally were stored with my old website, later transferred to Blogger and then to my own domain. The post count is now up to 400.

It’s hard to say what the theme of Almontage is. A lot of it is just stream of consciousness rambling I guess. There’s stuff about travel, technology, photography – but mostly it’s Life Experience – family and friends.

It has never been a goal of mine to make money in blogging. I don’t have ads here, I don’t try to sell any stuff. My only promotion is to cross-post on Twitter and Facebook, so as many friends and relatives as possible can keep tabs on what’s happening here in Almonte or wherever we go.

Think of it as a really long Christmas letter that keeps going…and going.

Blogging is a nice hobby that combines a love of writing with some technical moxie – these are two things I have enjoyed all my life. You can do it much more easily by using a commercial blog site – and in fact, I did just that for many years. However, if you want a really unique look and feel, you are pretty much compelled to set up your own shared domain and install the necessary software. I am glad I did.

One of the best things about the blog experience is that I have been able to document the growth and development of my grandchildren. I had an early post here about hope for my grandson. You can look it up if you want.

I shall have another post in a month or so on Teddy’s 10th birthday. Not to anticipate what I’ll write, but many of those hopes have – as they say – become incarnate.

I get writer’s block occasionally and a week or two might go by without a post. Then again, my life isn’t always so rich that I have a subject worth discussing.

But I do believe it’s worth mentioning again that I now have 400 posts on this site.

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Ray MacDonald is a retired food scientist who lives in Almonte, ON.

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