The 15-Year Cycle

Seems to me that instead of measuring human lifespan in the 3 score and 10 metric we should use the 15-year cycle – use a cat’s lifespan instead.

For example, it’s been nearly 14 years since our home in Almonte looked like this, and we’ll celebrate 13 years in the place in July. That’s time enough to go through a product cycle. Stuff needs doing over again and the house sure isn’t new any longer. For example:

  • The roof. Never a really high-quality affair, it’s curling on the sunny side of things. No leaks as yet but we have to seriously think about a replacement.
  • Heating and cooling. Our experience shows that after 15 years you better think about replacing the A/C unit. We had trouble already although it was relatively minor. We get the furnace serviced each year along with the A/C unit, and so far so good but you never know. It doesn’t make sense to me to replace the A/C without doing the furnace but we’ll see. The hot water tank has already been replaced.
  • Appliances. We got them new when we moved in, but the refrigerator only lasted 10 years. The laundry, stove and dishwasher appliances are still working although the stove needed its oven element replaced. I suppose a gas grill is an appliance and that got replaced this year – 12 years in.
  • TV and computers. Our TV is now 8 years old and still works OK but I’d be surprised to get 15 years from it. Computers never last that long, but with careful upgrading 10 years isn’t out of the question. Cellphones – fahgeddaboudit.

There are some things that last though. My stereo system has some parts that are close to 35 years old – but they don’t get much use (turntable.) Speakers seem to go on forever – my daughter has a pair from my first stereo that are close to 50 years old. My receiver died a few years ago after more than 25 years of use. These are exceptions to the 15-year cycle, but it wouldn’t surprise me if any electronic part failed in 15 years.

Ironically for many household items, this may be my final 15-year cycle. Rather morbid thought, but in 15 years time I believe I’ll be ready for a more “catered to” way of life – assuming I survive the product failure cycle personally. Let’s hope so.

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  1. Nancy Peters 3 years ago

    Orchard View lifestyle looks good to me!

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