Tempus Fugit

At least that is what is says on the brass dial of our Grandfather Clock, and I am sure It’s true. Next year this old timer will be part of our household for 40 years.

The clock case was hand crafted by Mr. Luther Gaylord (1908-1988) in 1976. Luther was a retired cabinetmaker who had worked for my Uncle Howard and he built the cases as a hobby later in life. We were lucky enough to get him to build one for us. The original movement ( made by Kieninger) gave out after 30 odd years and was replaced after we moved to Almonte. Kienenger is till in business fortunately. Recently the clock started chiming a bit slowly, so I got Mel Chase of Chase Clock Works in Carleton Place to come by and give it some lubrication. All seems back to normal although Mel said the second movement will likely need cleaning in a couple of years. Tempus Fugit indeed.

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