It’s funny. On many previous trips to the US for mini holidays, Syracuse was just a city that was easy to bypass using I-481. Lately however it’s become a family friendly destination in its own right. We visited again last weekend.

It all starts in DeWitt with a very friendly and comfortable Holiday Inn Express. The grandchildren love the pool and the fresh baked cookies waiting in the lobby. The lady who looks after the HIE breakfast room is a jewel. I hope they realize how special an employee she is.

There are shopping malls and restaurants nearby including everyone’s favorite – Friendly’s. It’s been 35 years since I first visited Friendly’s in Princeton NJ and I still like it a lot.

And Syracuse is a compact city. In 15 minutes you can go from DeWitt to the Zoo, the Museum of Science and Technology or the massive Destiny USA shopping center with lots of kid friendly attractions.

In the summer it’s a short drive to Auburn and the Finger Lakes if you want a day trip outside the city limits.

Best of all it’s a comfortable 4 hour drive from Almonte so you don’t waste a lot of time getting there and back.

Syracuse was a well diversified smokestack industry city that suffered a lot from de-industrialisation in the 1970s and 1980s. Major employers like General Electric, Carrier and Rockwell closed their factories. Other companies like Smith-Corona made products that became obsolete in the office of today. Syracuse and environs have had to re-invent themselves as a service and tourist driven city. That’s not always easy but they are trying. We’ll certainly visit again┬áto help them succeed.

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  1. Maria 6 years ago

    Had a great time and will visit again soon!

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