Super Seven

She’s quite a singer and dancer, my youngest grandchild. Although Susannah is technically the baby in the family, she is well past that stage as she celebrates her 7th birthday today. She’s not too happy it’s on a school day but unlike her older sister, she was not born in the summer holiday period.

All of the grandkids are going to virtual school during the pandemic, and Susannah is happily tapping away on her lessons with an old desktop computer that Grandpa fixed up for her. She’s got plenty of moxie, so Grade 2 isn’t too difficult. She has the boundless enthusiasm her mother had at that age. Whether its dancing, jumping on a trampoline, or reading the eye chart at the optometrist, she’s up to the challenge.

Like her brother and sister, she’s happy to turn her birthday into a multi-day festival. She didn’t want us to come down celebrate today; she’ll have more time tomorrow. So we’ll see her then.

Happy birthday dear girl, and many more.

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