Subtraction Wars

My grandson got a new deck of “Iron Man” playing cards on Sunday, so he taught me a new game called “Subtraction Wars.”

“You turn up a card and I’ll turn up a card. Mine is the subtraction card. The first one to figure out the answer gets to keep the cards. The Jack, Queen and King count as 10.”

“But Teddy, what if my card is a 2 and yours is a 4?”

“Well, Grandpa we’d have a negative number. Negative 2 is the answer.”

I was pretty impressed that a 7 year old was familiar with the concept of negative numbers. On that topic, Teddy is now Negative 4 in the teeth department, although he’s working to make it Negative 3. He made sure the 4th tooth came out here in Almonte, so that Nonna would add a positive amount to his piggy bank. The kid is nobody’s fool when it comes to number lines.

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