So What’s the Point Then?

The last couple of posts were rather depressing. Let’s face it – nobody wants to live in the UNFriendly Town. And in spite of some bitterness over the election results on social media, the fact remains that by and large most folks you meet in Almonte will be kind today. The election day is just that – one day. There are 1460 days to come before we have to do this again.

I know some people in the neighborhood who have different opinions on the issues than I do, but that won’t stop me from fixing their computer if they have trouble. Nor will Maria give them a hard time if she volunteers with them at the Hub.

Besides, how does this political stuff affect your life, really? I don’t live near the Rail Trail so motorized traffic won’t affect me much. I am sure I’ll be able to go out on the old railway bridge to photograph the river without being slammed by an ATV 3-wheeler. As for our new councilors – they’ll learn. It looks easy when you don’t have to do it.

So maybe I should change gears, and post about the reasons we live here happily. Why we retired here.

  • There are the river and the falls – always picturesque, breathtaking in the springtime, dazzling in the winter rime.
  • The historic factories and lovingly preserved downtown buildings are a tourist draw that keeps the old town thriving. Almonte is a destination stop for many city folks – especially on the weekend. Antique stores, boutiques, tea rooms, fine dining – find them all on one street. Well, two if you want to go to Baker Bob’s.
  • Festivals and more festivals – all year round.
  • Not many towns have a Black Watch Chewing Tobacco sign in plain view (see above.)
  • Close to the city and a major airport. Also if you aren’t concerned about The Donald, it is a short and comfortable drive to the US border.
  • Good medical care. We have a hospital right in town.
  • Excellent Internet and cable TV service if you live in town.
  • The fact that we have hydropower stations right in Almonte means we never go long without service. Even in the Ice Storm that crippled Eastern Ontario in the 90s, Almonte was only off the grid for a few hours.
  • Our daughter’s family lives within easy driving distance and we don’t have to drive through Toronto to see the grandkids. Maria’s mom and my sister are a couple of hours away via two lane roads. No expressways thank you.
  • Clean air, dazzling sunsets, dark night skies with a million stars.
  • Autumn colors are fantastic thanks to the large proportions of red maples in the forests around Almonte.
  • Want to see deer, wild turkeys, foxes, hawks, blue herons and Canada geese in their thousands? We got ’em. Sometimes even in the town itself.
  • Best Pizza ever.

Not to mention the fact that Almonte was the hometown of a world-class sculptor for the Olympic movement AND his friend, the inventor of basketball.

Being right in the path of a river has meant that Almonte has a long history of bridge building and care. There have been a number of messages on the Web from the mayor, successful candidates, and concerned citizens with hopes that bridge building will continue between the electorate and the council members. I hope so too. We all love living here.





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