Six years ago on January 20, a sea change occurred in the lives of his parents and grandparents when Teddy was born. It seems like yesterday but seeing him today…wow!

He’s developed into quite a young man it seems. He’s always been a sunny tempered little boy like his mother – with a gentle and sensitive concern for others developing as he grew. Like his grandfather he has an introspective side, and the ability to focus like a laser on things that interest him while tuning out anything that does not. Whether this is a personality bug or a feature remains to be seen.

He has a razor sharp mind and reads at quite an advanced level. He’s satisfied all the requirements for kindergarten already and they are looking for ways to enrich his experience at school. He’s a ┬átall, thin kid and it’s not because of lack of appetite. He eats like a horse when presented with his favorite foods.

Teddy loves his Grandpa but his Nonna is a particular favorite. He’s a fan of trains and autos and Super Mario. He’s lost a couple of lower teeth as his permanent ones arrive and soon will have that six year old’s Dracula look.

My daughter often says she’s raising her father these days and I suppose that’s true. Happy birthday Teddy and many more!