Shopping Spree

Like most Seniors in Ontario, Maria and I have been trying to shelter in place during the current COVID-19 situation – only venturing out for essential supplies. Today was one of those ventures.

We made a quick trip to Carleton Place to stock up on food while the chances of contracting coronavirus are still low. The town was pretty much deserted as we drove through.

We headed for M&M Food Shops to get some frozen goods but they are on reduced hours and were not open yet. So it was off to Freshco supermarket.

Freshco wasn’t too busy, and there was plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables on the shelves. We didn’t try buying toilet paper or paper towels. About the only things that were cleaned out were frozen french fries and other frozen veggies. No English muffins either, but we stocked up on those earlier. Lots of snacks and ice cream available though. It seemed weird to try to keep our distance from other shoppers, but we managed.

After packing up and paying for our stuff, we tried M&M’s again. It’s a small store so I waited outside while Maria went in. After a couple of folks came out, I went in to help her pack up our frozen food. We were done.

When we got back to Almonte, we learned that the Canada-US border had been closed to casual travel. No cross border shopping for us for a while. How this will affect food and other essential goods coming into Canada, I guess we’ll find out.

And so it goes here in small-town Ontario.

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