Rock ‘n Roll

We planned this particular cruise two years ago – actually booked it when we were on another cruise. The main reason for such a long pre-booking was so that Dave, Sarah and the grandkids could get a large suite-like Family Oceanview cabin that accommodates 5 easily. We took a two-person Oceanview next door. It was a great choice except for one thing. We were located about as far forward as you could get – right under the Navigational Bridge.

As seasoned cruisers, we tend to book amidships to minimize ship’s motion, but that wasn’t an option. We didn’t anticipate too many problems though; this was a relatively benign Caribbean jaunt. Although a long cruise with a number of sea days, it was hardly transoceanic.

What we couldn’t plan for was a large storm that formed off the Carolinas on the weekend we sailed. Although South Florida and the Caribbean was a fair way from it, it had its influence in the form of long-range 10-foot seas – rollers that weren’t too choppy but resulted in a fair bit of rock ‘n roll. It wasn’t long before Sarah and Maria were reaching for the Bonamine.

It could have been worse. Our Captain Leo actually took us on a slightly longer southern route to Sint-Maarten that made things smoother. After a day or so things calmed down except for persistent easterly winds.

Another Royal Caribbean Ship – Freedom of the Seas – did the more northerly route and they had a rougher time of it. They had to drain the pools and cancel some activities. Thank you, Captain Leo!

Here’s a look from Sarah and Dave’s balcony under the bridge.

It doesn’t look bad, but the long period waves make you go Hmm…

All the rock ‘n rolling didn’t deter us from dressing up for Evening Chic night though. And so we progressed to our first port of call – Philpsburg, Sint-Maarten.



Published by Ray MacDonald

Ray MacDonald is a retired food scientist who lives in Almonte, ON.
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