Rethinking Twitter

I never have been a big fan of Twitter. It always seemed to me to be a rather vacuous stream of consciousness application – not enough text to really say anything worthwhile.

However I’m changing my mind about it. Perhaps I’ve been looking at it the wrong way.

Last night my granddaughter Veronica got really ill with a croupy cough and had to go into the Children’s Hospital in Ottawa. My daughter kept us and everyone who needed to know updated by a series of tweets. Actually this was far more efficient than telephone calls at 3 AM or email. Veronica got home after some treatment with epinephrine and steroids and she’s a lot better today.

If you look at Twitter as more of a news headline source or rapid information disseminator, than a microblog or vanity program, it makes a lot more sense. Maybe its users aren’t such twits after all.

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