Reflections in a Plastic Eye

Well it’s done. Final score: acrylic implants 2, cataracts 0.

The second surgery seemed to go better and faster than the first – although the first was pretty slick itself. Recovery is better when you have one blurry and one really good eye – as opposed to one blurry and one really bad eye. I was seeing really well by the second day. Some further notes:

  • I’ll still need glasses for reading and some correction of long distance vision – but that is OK. My choice of monofocal Tecnis lenses was predicated on getting the best contrast and night vision possible. The fancier toric and multifocal lenses might eliminate glasses for most tasks, but are much more expensive and might give reduced contrast, even some halos and glare around car lights at night.
    Even then I’d still likely need reading glasses. So why not go for the best result even if at the end some specs will be needed? That was my thinking at least.
  • It’ll take a month or so until my lenses settle in enough to get a stable prescription so until then I’ll get by without glasses. I can see pretty well without them now – much better than with my old prescription which had to correct for the cataracts as much as they could.
  • I’m still into the eye drops and will be till the end of the month. A small inconvenience considering my visual upgrades.
  • The major improvement aside from clear vision is the vibrancy of colors. I already shared on Facebook how much better Mr. Oates the cat looks. When I was in Costco earlier this week I was checking out the new 4K TVs and they looked fabulous. Then I came home and my 2009 era Samsung HDTV also looks fabulous. Go figure.
  • Most of the problems with blurry vision at first I believe are attributable to the fact that your eye is dilated for a couple of days after the operation. Sort of like a camera – you can’t focus well over the depth of field unless you stop down.
  • Another reason to avoid the fancy-schmancy lens implants is that you have to go into Ottawa to get them done. The simpler surgeries are carried out in the small town ambiance of Smiths Falls. it’s an easier drive, the staff there are fantastic and it’s a lot easier to schedule surgery there. I got both eyes done in six weeks after first meeting with the surgeon. Right now they are booking for March in Ottawa.
  • I was checked out by the surgeon the day after the surgery and now return to the capable hands of my Almonte optometrist for the final checkup and assessment for eyeglasses. The weather was great for travel to Smiths Falls and Ottawa but you never know. It’s good to be home.

Published by Ray MacDonald

Ray MacDonald is a retired food scientist who lives in Almonte, ON.
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