Ready to Come Out Yet?

Perhaps you remember the old George Carlin joke:

Think of how dumb the average person is. Then remember that half the population is stupider than that.

I was reminded of George’s comments when I read about the Covidiots who crowded into Trinity Bellwoods Park in Toronto on Saturday. There was no thought of social distancing whatsoever. No surprise that Toronto is a Petrie dish these days.

Sadly – as the Covid caseload declines a bit and a few things start to open up – the environment outside the home becomes a more dangerous place. Pardon my cynicism, but you just can’t trust people to do the right thing on a sunny May day. The police got the picture fast, and they had horse and bike patrols in the Park on Sunday. It’s a sad commentary on the human condition.

Personally, I don’t care if I can now go to a hardware store or garden center. I don’t trust my fellow human beings once they get the go-ahead to get out there and party.

There’s been some statistical modeling that shows that if we increase the person to person contact by 20%, the case rate will start to climb in Ontario. At 40% it’ll really take off. Do we want that to happen?

Maybe you are ready to come out of hibernation. But this old bear is not. Nor will I feel really comfortable until we get a vaccine. Not when you consider the lower 50% of the bell curve.

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